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Education Advice Please..

December 10th, 2012 at 04:03 pm

I'm looking for some education advice. I'm thinking on going back to school to finish my second year of ECCE I can take the course online while still working. There are 13 courses in the one program I'd be taking, you choose how many courses you want to take at a time and pay as you go. Courses cost between 191-386 a course. For all 13 I'm looking at about 3000 plus books (unsure on book costs right now) When I finish the course I will go up in pay right away but only 3$ an hour, so about 6000 a year. Then every year after that another dollar until I get my max of 6$ more an hour then what I currently make unless I get a supervisor position then it would be 10$ more an hour but those jobs are far and few in between. It'll be crazy busy working full time and doing courses as well, plus I am a full time single mom. I'm just looking for advice on what to do, this is the field I'm currently in, I have work in it and will continue to have work in it but finish my schooling offers more chances for other jobs in different locations but still doing the same thing and same basic pay.I hope this makes sense, please help me make a decision. Weigh the pros and cons etc.