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2015 Goals

January 6th, 2015 at 06:48 am

I've been thinking really hard about my 2015 goals, I want to set realistic goals that I can actually achieve. I didn't have a goal list set for 2014 but I feel like I had a decent year. We had a few visits from Murphy that cost us around $6000 unexpectedly, I paid off my visa as of last week and am working on my line of credit.

Here are my goals:
1) Pay off my Line of Credit (2579.13)
2) Continue with $50 a month auto transfers to my Tax Free Savings and RESP
3) Replace door and picture window in the living room (by spring)
4) Fence in my side yard/property line (by spring)
5) Make an extra mortgage payment by the end of the year (700)
6) Save $125 a month for gift, Easter, Christmas etc.
7) Continue to declutter and purge things in the house
8) Clean and organize the basement

Other then those I want to continue savings where I can, sticking to a budget, trying to cut my expenses. If I have money left over at the end of the month it will go towards things in my goal list or savings. I want to try and commit to posting at least biweekly to try and keep up!

Wish me luck!!

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