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House Improvement Goals

April 24th, 2015 at 05:18 am

We have a rather larger list of things I'd like to complete in the next year.

1) Roof- decide on steel or shingles. Hopefully complete by mid summer.
2) Fix/Replace the picture window in the living. The middle pane has a large crack in it.
3) Replace door and frame in the living room.
4) Add screen doors to all outside doors.
5) Extend the deck by 10 feet wide.
6) Move the building to the front of the drive way and play set to the current building space.
7) Fence in the main yard.
8) Put a half door in at the top of the basement stairs.
9) Graval the second drive way.
10) Build a fire pit.
11) Remove old fencing between side and main yard.
12) Remove old window in the basement and replace with a larger escape window.
13) Replace all jack posts with new ones in the basement.
14) Replace basement stairs.
15) Replace walls in basement.
16) Finish half the basement into a rec room.
17) Paint the kitchen and living room.

This is this list so far. Still working on prices and goal dates to have everything done.

Financial Review

April 23rd, 2015 at 02:15 pm

Thank you all for your kind comments on my previous post. One of my goals is to be more accountable and more active around here. I'm feeling really good about how my accounts are all sitting right now.

Oil Savings (I add to this each month for the purchase of oil for the house) $835 and I just filled my tank and paid it off this month. Hoping the tank should last till midsummer.

Personal Taxes (I am self employed so taking off my own taxes, my break even goal is around $7000 after deductions) $3874

Misc Savings (This will be used for house upkeep, I will add down below our list of goals for the year) $4794

Mortgage Savings (I try to keep 2 payments ahead in this account) $975

Christmas 2015 $500

Large Savings (this hardly gets touched, will be kept in case of emergency) $18358

As for my debts my credit card and both line of credits are sitting at 0.

I lent a family member some money two months ago and should have that repaid by next month that totals $3000.

My goal for the end of the month is to be able to add another $200-$300 for both taxes and misc savings.

I started stocking away any cash I get or cash from anything I sell while decluttering for a small get away this summer with my dd and SO.

I was going to add my house goals and projects to this post but I think I will save it for another post.

I am feeling really good where everything sits right now, my income is due to drop mid May so I will continue to save as much as possible until that!

How things change.

April 15th, 2015 at 05:11 am

Looking back to my January posts and remembering everything that happened between then and now is hard. January 11 I found out I was pregnant with my second. I was so excited we had tried for this for an entire year! We kicked into high gear with the savings and banked as much as we could, I am self employed there for wouldn't qualify for any type of leave. Regardless we were so happy and so excited. Everything was going great I had some sickness but it was okay. Fast forward to March, I started experiencing some complications. Lots of visits to the doctor, blood work, ultrasounds and tests and we found out baby had stopped growing and I was in the beginning stages of a miscarriage. I was devastated, my daughter was devastated. Fast forward to now April 15, I'm still very sad and hurt. Every time I look at my savings and see the money had I saved for baby time it's like a slap in the face. We are continuing to try for another, continuing to save where we can. I hope to be more active around here, more accountable and more money savvy. I'm also hoping for a miracle that we get pregnant again before the year with a healthy pregnancy.

Reviewing the budget

January 8th, 2015 at 10:11 am

I went over my expected income vs budgeted amounts today and I am really hoping to be able to pay $1000 off my line of credit this month. I put $100 towards it already today, I also paid my cellphone/internet which was $7 less then expected.

I was hoping for a no spend day but need to run to the post office to mail a letter, I also need to pick up a few things for my home business.

This weekend will hopefully be low spend, going for supper with friends Friday evening, Saturday will be the normal grocery shop, and Sunday dd is invited to a birthday party. I have some stocked up items in my gift closet I purchased on clearance after Christmas so we will find something in there and dd will make a card.

I'm working really hard to use up left overs lately to, very happy with myself. Would love to cut back in waste!

January 2015 Budget

January 6th, 2015 at 07:06 am

Here is my budgeted amounts for January, I haven't been tracking expenses very well but starting next month every receipt will be saved and recorded.

Mortgage (332)
Montgage (332)
Lights (150)
Oil (250)
Car Ins (40)
Home Ins (85)
Life In (56)
Bank Fee (14)
RESP (50)
TFSA (50)
Cell/Int (175)
Netflix (8)
= (1542)

Groceries (500)
Rotary (32)
Gas (200)
Taxes (800)
LOC (500)
Gift Fund (125)
Car (75)
Misc (400)
= (2632)

Fix (1542)
+ Flex (2232)

Expected Income

My property tax is suppose to be going up the end of the month so my mortgage payments will have to be adjusted when that happens. (paid biweekly)

My income is not guaranteed, that is my projected it could end up be less or more I am self employed so it not set in stone.

With being self employed I pay into my taxes myself.

Any extra left over at the end of the month will be split between my line of credit and the goals I had listed in my previous post.

I am going to start to save all receipts but really work on tracking starting next month!

2015 Goals

January 6th, 2015 at 06:48 am

I've been thinking really hard about my 2015 goals, I want to set realistic goals that I can actually achieve. I didn't have a goal list set for 2014 but I feel like I had a decent year. We had a few visits from Murphy that cost us around $6000 unexpectedly, I paid off my visa as of last week and am working on my line of credit.

Here are my goals:
1) Pay off my Line of Credit (2579.13)
2) Continue with $50 a month auto transfers to my Tax Free Savings and RESP
3) Replace door and picture window in the living room (by spring)
4) Fence in my side yard/property line (by spring)
5) Make an extra mortgage payment by the end of the year (700)
6) Save $125 a month for gift, Easter, Christmas etc.
7) Continue to declutter and purge things in the house
8) Clean and organize the basement

Other then those I want to continue savings where I can, sticking to a budget, trying to cut my expenses. If I have money left over at the end of the month it will go towards things in my goal list or savings. I want to try and commit to posting at least biweekly to try and keep up!

Wish me luck!!

I'm back!?

December 15th, 2014 at 09:54 am

Wow after being gone almost 2 years I'm back! I just reread my last post and it's so funny how much things can change! I bought a house in August of 2013 I had been looking for awhile but never expected to have found one! I quit my job in this September (2014) and starting doing in home childcare again. I didn't go back to school and don't have any plans to. I'm trying to start my new year off right by setting up a new budget and paying off my credit card and line of credit. Overall I feel like I'm in a pretty good place which will be even better when things are paid off!

Help me budget

March 1st, 2013 at 07:02 pm

Well I have been off the wagon for way to long, I'm ready to get back on and am looking for some help. First off I decided to not go the route of back to school, right now anyway. The government could be offering the part I need to finish my ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) in September and if they do it would be offered free online evenings and weekends way better then me taking the full course online. Second I bought a new car! And doing do drained one of my savings accounts. I love my car bought it in cash and am sooooo proud but here I am starting off again. Here are my current stats;

Small Ef: 500
Car main: 230
Other save: 80
Christmas: 150
Savings: 5550

My bills just seem to keep growing higher rent, higher childcare, insurance etc.

Bank fee: 13
Car Ins: 38
Ten Ins: 10
Life Ins: 43
Cell/Int 150
DD Education: 50
Save: 50
Rent: 875
DD dance: 35
Netflix: 8
Gym membership: 33
Daycare: 400-540
Car Main: 50
=1830-1940 before groceries, gas, misc spending, eating out, birthdays, etc.

My income varies per month but should be around 2566-2929 per month depending if its a 4 or 5 pay month. Can you help me budget this out, I may be getting a roommate so that will add another 250-350 to my income but would like to be able to not count on that and have it go directly into savings. Advice, Ideas I really need help getting back on the wagon. I have no idea my real spending for things like groceries, gas, misc and I need to be realistic that I am going to spend money on things like activities, eating out, clothes etc. I have a very short commute to work so I should be able to get away with 100-125 per month on gas. For groceries I have no idea but its just me and my daughter a dog, cat and two fish! Well if you made it this far and have some advice or care to share your opinion I would absolutely love to hear it!

Education Advice Please..

December 10th, 2012 at 04:03 pm

I'm looking for some education advice. I'm thinking on going back to school to finish my second year of ECCE I can take the course online while still working. There are 13 courses in the one program I'd be taking, you choose how many courses you want to take at a time and pay as you go. Courses cost between 191-386 a course. For all 13 I'm looking at about 3000 plus books (unsure on book costs right now) When I finish the course I will go up in pay right away but only 3$ an hour, so about 6000 a year. Then every year after that another dollar until I get my max of 6$ more an hour then what I currently make unless I get a supervisor position then it would be 10$ more an hour but those jobs are far and few in between. It'll be crazy busy working full time and doing courses as well, plus I am a full time single mom. I'm just looking for advice on what to do, this is the field I'm currently in, I have work in it and will continue to have work in it but finish my schooling offers more chances for other jobs in different locations but still doing the same thing and same basic pay.I hope this makes sense, please help me make a decision. Weigh the pros and cons etc.

Another set of changes

November 4th, 2012 at 04:27 am

House hunting, staying on budget, saying, stopping my spending. All great big fails.... I am currently moving out of my cheap rent, cheap apartment into another very expensive apartment. Still at a lower paying job, still paying daycare bills, still falling behind. I need some major support. My income each month is approx. 2100, my fixed expenses which include, rent, cell/int, bank fee, life ins, car ins, tenant ins, dd edu savings, auto savings, netflix and dds dance class. Totals 1272, that leaves me with about 828 a month for everything else.... Can anyone help me realistically do this? I need a good plan...

10 months...

June 11th, 2012 at 03:58 am

August 24, 2011... The last time I posted, about 10 months ago. My life has turned completely upside down and side ways since then. I almost wish I could go back to then when I thought I had problems but honestly didn't even know what a real problem was. In October I lost someone very close to me, the person I told everything to, the one person who knew me the best, my daughters father. Since then I quit my job, was off work unpaid for nearly 6 months, started a new lower (way lower) paying job and started dd in daycare full time. Major changes for me. There is also another huge list of things that happened in my immediate family since then. This has honestly since October been the year from ****. I blew through my savings, my ef, my baby ef, the car fun, christmas account etc. I stopped budgeting stopped tracking, kind of stopped caring. I ran my credit card up a few times but now I'm back. I have a whole new look on life and how short it is but that can't get in the way of the financial goals I want for myself and my dd. As I said my new job is a lot lower paying and I now have a lot more bills, including childcare which I never paid for since dd was born! The 2500 that was lent out to a family member only half of it was paid back and it was only paid back last month. My credit cards are paid off, two cut up, my accounts look good but now its time to start actually saving. I'm house hunting now looking for a permanent spot for dd and I. Right now my accounts look like this;
Small Ef: 500
DD: 5390
Car: 135
Other (saving for down payment): 5300
Christmas: 475
Misc Savings: 290
Large ef: 5050

I'm still owed 1250 of the 2500 and I'm hoping I get it back eventually, I'm also owed another 3000 by another family member also hoping that will be paid back without any hassle.

I will be back later to post my new budget and income but if anyone has any advice on how to get back on track I would great appreciate it. TIA

A bit of everything.

August 24th, 2011 at 09:46 am

Wow, I haven't posted since the end of June. I have lurked and kept up with lots of you but I have majorly fell off the wagon. Hard. That July budget I posted I completely blew it out of the water, didn't track expensese. I did absolutely horrible. Then came august, I've done even worse. I took a week off UNPAID and spent SO much money, I did as much as normal people would do in a summer in a week. We did two summer parks, a water one and one with rides, we did swimming, dinners out with friends, a mini trip, hotel, zoo, shopping, beach, parks. But most of everything we did cost money, lots of it. I'm still looking okay for this month meaning I'll be able to pay bills, pay off my credit card, keep groceries in the house but there will be no adding to my car fund, my bed I still owe on, my savings. But we did have a great week off and I plan to get my butt in gear and get back on the wagon September first by sticking to a budget!!

Now to update you on how my accounts are looking,
Christmas: 525(hoping I can add another 75 once all bills are paid)
Misc: 0
Ef: 5321
Small ef: 700
Car savings: 1060
Bed: 900 ( owe 1300)

Overall not to bad, the story on the car. My old one passed inspection so I'm going to hold off on buying a new one. Now a big thing, I had a family situation and lend out 2500$ of my savings... They are to pay me back 500$ a month until it's paid off I'm hoping they stick to it and do it ontime.

My income will be dropping start next month so my new budget will have to reflect that. My dds birthday is also next month and another family members so it will be a pricey gift month. I'm probaby going to start my Christmas shopping next month to ive already done up a list of who all I need to get for so just what to get it left. My goal is to have saved 900$ for Christmas by December. Well if you got through all this thank you for listening to me ramble Smile hope everyone is having a great summer!

Getting serious?

June 27th, 2011 at 10:21 am

Alright I did make all my June goals at all I set a new budget for July and here is how it's looking:
Bills: 352
Weekend: 240 ($60 a week/weekend to be used for eating out activities and misc stuff)
Clothes: 50
Out: 100 (higher then normal because I'm going to a play the beginning of July and tickets are about 45)
Sitter: 50
Bed: 200
Groceries: 400
Gas: 100
Car: 50 ( maintaining vechical)
Christmas: 75
Hair: 40
House: 40
Car: 150 (towards a new car)
Extra save : 100
Misc savings : 30
Balance on cc: 50

Now I really hope I can stick to it and cut back a bit on the flexible expenses.

Need a new budget plan

June 23rd, 2011 at 09:24 am

I really need a new budget plan! Not really sure where to start or what to do. I was attempting to do the cash/envelope system but am failing!! I need something new to try. I need to pay off another 800 on my new bed (interest free till december), another 350 till I make my christmas goal. I need a new car and am still going to save as much as I can towards it but life has been getting in the way lately. Between birthdays, other gifting holidays, grads, things I needed for the house etc. I am kind of looking for a cheaper ($6000-$7000) car to finance so its a bit nicer then an 2000/2001/2002 thats in my price range for cash but haven't had that much luck either. Right now I still owe out about $1025 if I'm going to make all my "normal" savings goals. (Save:100, Misc:100, Account Over:150, Bed:200, Car:150) then rent, groceries, gas, dds account money and this weekend. But I only have about $813 coming in, but I charged $92 on my credit card yesterday that I have to pay off.

Wow, I feel overwhelmed!!! I wish I had have kept tracking my spending the only things I really know what I've spent on is gas everything else has been a free for all.

So if anyone has any other budget plan ideas for me please please please let me know!! I need to get back on track! I also updated all my info in the side bar, not much progessing being made as you can see. Oh and not to mention that in August I am taking an unpaided week off and will be about 500/600 short from my normal budget not including the bed savings or car ugh, life.