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March Budget recap!

March 31st, 2011 at 09:54 am

Here is my recap of my March budget, I actually did half decent!! I'm going to list my budgeted amount first and then my actual amount spent!

Income: 1885
Total: 2921

Bank Fee: 12.95/12.95
Car Ins. 31.75/31.75
Tenant Ins. 21.83/21.83
Cell/Internet: 130/126.87
Life Ins: 48.38/48.38
Auto Savings: 75/75
Education: 25/25
Rent: 500/500
Misc: 100/137.91 Over by 37.91
Out: 40/40
Clothes 50/50
Misc Save: 100/100
Snow Removal: 20/20
Grocery: 380/376.17
Gas: 100/80
Eat Out: 80/65.60
Car Maint: 50/50
Extra Save: 100/1030 Extra 930 into savings
Christmas: 75/75
Hair: 40/40
Sitter: 20/20

Total Budgeted 2040 Total Spend: 1996.46 + 930 extra into savings.

I use cash for just about everything expect bills and gas. So if I have money left over it just stays in the envelope till I need it, like I did use my sitter money but I still put the 20$ in. I also go through my envelopes and take out any change left over from the month and add it into my change jar. I also make sure I have an balance of 150 in my chequings account at the end of the month anything else gets put into savings. I'm expecting a lower income next month and even lower come the summer so I may have to do some more adjusting of the budget. I hope everyone had a great March!!

Setting Up Aprils Budget

March 30th, 2011 at 09:12 am

It's near the end of March which means setting up my Budget for April. I really want to finish for my larger Ef in April so I will be cutting back on some things to do so. I did OKAY for March, I will post my total numbers tomorrow. I think I'm going to post my budget at the end of the month to kind of "fess" up to where I over spent.

I have a job interview Friday so if everyone could cross their fingers just a little for me that would be awesome!!

Busy Day

March 24th, 2011 at 05:23 pm

Well tomorrow is the start to an early weekend tomorrow but that doesn't mean it will be any less busy. I have a bunch of appointments tomorrow morning, its pay day so time to pay bills and then taking dd for a fun afternoon! I'm getting so close to my 5000 goal I really hope I can scrape up the extra money and finish it next month.

I'm starting to look into school but am a little nervous about going into debt for it, taking time off from working, making way less and paying for childcare! Lots of decisions to make in the next few months, I just hope I make all of the right ones!


March 22nd, 2011 at 07:03 pm

I'm a 20 something single mom to a busy 2 1/2 year old girl! I am all about saving, budgeting, and staying debt free. I decided to start this blog to make myself more accountable with my spending. So here are my goals!

1) Baby Emergency Fund: 500/500 Completed Jan.31/2011
2) Large Emergency fund: 4606/5000
3) Christmas Account: 150/800
4) Misc Savings: 147/?
5) Save all extra change in my change jar till Dec.31/11
6) Stick to my budget, cut where I can, and use the envelope system.

Those are my current goals, I'm hoping to add go back to school soon. I'm doing pretty good so far I wanted to have my 5000 EF saved by Dec.31/11 but it looks like I'll hopefully have it done by April! If I make this goal me and dd are going on a weekend trip! Can't wait!!