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Getting serious?

June 27th, 2011 at 10:21 am

Alright I did make all my June goals at all I set a new budget for July and here is how it's looking:
Bills: 352
Weekend: 240 ($60 a week/weekend to be used for eating out activities and misc stuff)
Clothes: 50
Out: 100 (higher then normal because I'm going to a play the beginning of July and tickets are about 45)
Sitter: 50
Bed: 200
Groceries: 400
Gas: 100
Car: 50 ( maintaining vechical)
Christmas: 75
Hair: 40
House: 40
Car: 150 (towards a new car)
Extra save : 100
Misc savings : 30
Balance on cc: 50

Now I really hope I can stick to it and cut back a bit on the flexible expenses.

Need a new budget plan

June 23rd, 2011 at 09:24 am

I really need a new budget plan! Not really sure where to start or what to do. I was attempting to do the cash/envelope system but am failing!! I need something new to try. I need to pay off another 800 on my new bed (interest free till december), another 350 till I make my christmas goal. I need a new car and am still going to save as much as I can towards it but life has been getting in the way lately. Between birthdays, other gifting holidays, grads, things I needed for the house etc. I am kind of looking for a cheaper ($6000-$7000) car to finance so its a bit nicer then an 2000/2001/2002 thats in my price range for cash but haven't had that much luck either. Right now I still owe out about $1025 if I'm going to make all my "normal" savings goals. (Save:100, Misc:100, Account Over:150, Bed:200, Car:150) then rent, groceries, gas, dds account money and this weekend. But I only have about $813 coming in, but I charged $92 on my credit card yesterday that I have to pay off.

Wow, I feel overwhelmed!!! I wish I had have kept tracking my spending the only things I really know what I've spent on is gas everything else has been a free for all.

So if anyone has any other budget plan ideas for me please please please let me know!! I need to get back on track! I also updated all my info in the side bar, not much progessing being made as you can see. Oh and not to mention that in August I am taking an unpaided week off and will be about 500/600 short from my normal budget not including the bed savings or car ugh, life.

Bad luck comes in how many?

June 20th, 2011 at 06:19 am

3, 4, 5? What a bad month June has been so far and it's not looking like it's going to get any better. Im behind on some bills, have put nothing towards saving, or a car, or my bed. I have lost work, had more bills pop up. Had a sick dd and had to take more unpaid time off. Its been a long run of bad things happening. I have 2 more small pays plus child support (I hope) so I might be able to catch up a bit.

I need to start tracking my spending again, I stopped a few months ago and just haven't been able to get back in the swing of things I'm spending money faster then I'm making it. My fingers are crossed that July is a way better month, I can't take much more of this bad stuff.