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August 24th, 2011 at 09:46 am

Wow, I haven't posted since the end of June. I have lurked and kept up with lots of you but I have majorly fell off the wagon. Hard. That July budget I posted I completely blew it out of the water, didn't track expensese. I did absolutely horrible. Then came august, I've done even worse. I took a week off UNPAID and spent SO much money, I did as much as normal people would do in a summer in a week. We did two summer parks, a water one and one with rides, we did swimming, dinners out with friends, a mini trip, hotel, zoo, shopping, beach, parks. But most of everything we did cost money, lots of it. I'm still looking okay for this month meaning I'll be able to pay bills, pay off my credit card, keep groceries in the house but there will be no adding to my car fund, my bed I still owe on, my savings. But we did have a great week off and I plan to get my butt in gear and get back on the wagon September first by sticking to a budget!!

Now to update you on how my accounts are looking,
Christmas: 525(hoping I can add another 75 once all bills are paid)
Misc: 0
Ef: 5321
Small ef: 700
Car savings: 1060
Bed: 900 ( owe 1300)

Overall not to bad, the story on the car. My old one passed inspection so I'm going to hold off on buying a new one. Now a big thing, I had a family situation and lend out 2500$ of my savings... They are to pay me back 500$ a month until it's paid off I'm hoping they stick to it and do it ontime.

My income will be dropping start next month so my new budget will have to reflect that. My dds birthday is also next month and another family members so it will be a pricey gift month. I'm probaby going to start my Christmas shopping next month to ive already done up a list of who all I need to get for so just what to get it left. My goal is to have saved 900$ for Christmas by December. Well if you got through all this thank you for listening to me ramble Smile hope everyone is having a great summer!