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Help me budget

March 1st, 2013 at 07:02 pm

Well I have been off the wagon for way to long, I'm ready to get back on and am looking for some help. First off I decided to not go the route of back to school, right now anyway. The government could be offering the part I need to finish my ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) in September and if they do it would be offered free online evenings and weekends way better then me taking the full course online. Second I bought a new car! And doing do drained one of my savings accounts. I love my car bought it in cash and am sooooo proud but here I am starting off again. Here are my current stats;

Small Ef: 500
Car main: 230
Other save: 80
Christmas: 150
Savings: 5550

My bills just seem to keep growing higher rent, higher childcare, insurance etc.

Bank fee: 13
Car Ins: 38
Ten Ins: 10
Life Ins: 43
Cell/Int 150
DD Education: 50
Save: 50
Rent: 875
DD dance: 35
Netflix: 8
Gym membership: 33
Daycare: 400-540
Car Main: 50
=1830-1940 before groceries, gas, misc spending, eating out, birthdays, etc.

My income varies per month but should be around 2566-2929 per month depending if its a 4 or 5 pay month. Can you help me budget this out, I may be getting a roommate so that will add another 250-350 to my income but would like to be able to not count on that and have it go directly into savings. Advice, Ideas I really need help getting back on the wagon. I have no idea my real spending for things like groceries, gas, misc and I need to be realistic that I am going to spend money on things like activities, eating out, clothes etc. I have a very short commute to work so I should be able to get away with 100-125 per month on gas. For groceries I have no idea but its just me and my daughter a dog, cat and two fish! Well if you made it this far and have some advice or care to share your opinion I would absolutely love to hear it!