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Bad Choices

April 18th, 2011 at 06:01 pm

I've made some really bad financial decisions lately, I actually said the other day frig the budget, if I want to buy something I'll buy it. So tired of counting every cent, writing everything down, only spending this much on this or not having any money left in this envelope till I get paid again when I know I have money sitting there in the bank. So I went and said forget about the budget, went out and did some shopping and out for supper 113$ later on my cc, spend 60$ on a night out with friends, and took more money out of my baby ef which is now down to 300 because of bad choices. I sat down this morning and check my bank account and could have smacked myself, who in the right mind says frig the budget and then goes shopping!! Bad Bad idea! Anyways I went over everything and get paid this week, I will put the 200 back into my ef, send 113 off the to cc company, take out my rent money, pay my cellphone bill, add a bit into savings, into dds education savings account, my christmas account and will hopefully be back on track. I am still hoping to finish off my large ef of 5000 this month even with all my extra spending, and then back to my normal budget still not sure about keep/getting rid of the envelope system though. Rant Over Smile

4 Responses to “Bad Choices”

  1. ktmarvels Says:

    I wouldn't beat yourself up too badly. However, maybe this means that you need to either build in some fun money or increase the amount of fun money you have. It's a lot harder to stay focused if you don't have any (accounted for) splurges!

  2. moneysavinmama Says:

    Thats my problem I do have money set aside for fun, I have a category for going out, for misc, eating out, and activities with dd, all totaling 280$ which should be MORE then enough. I don't kno what my problem is lately

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    It's okay if you went off track, just jump back on. In the long run you'll feel better when you stick to your goals! Good luck with everything. Big Grin

  4. Moneysavinmama Says:

    Thank you Smile

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