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Paying Bills

April 22nd, 2011 at 09:47 am

Yesterday was payday and I ran to the bank this morning to put some money in then back home to do all my banking. I took money out for rent, 200 back to my baby ef bringing it back to 500, paid the 114 off on my credit card bringing it to a 0$ balance, paid my cellphone bill, put 75 into my christmas fund and took out some money for groceries, an activity this weekend with dd and fun money! I feel more in control this week after paying all that and still having a bit in my chequing account!

This morning I painted Easter eggs with dd and we went out for breakfast, I'm hoping for a really nice day tomorrow so we can enjoy the trampoline and maybe go to the park and for a walk. Then Saturday night the Easter Bunny comes! Or as DD calls him Super Bunny! Sunday morning will hopefully go good, DDs dad is coming out to spend the morning with us so he can see her going through her easter basket and then I have a family dinner in the afternoon. I'm hoping for a really nice day so we can go outside blow bubbles and play with some of the outside toys!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!!

1 Responses to “Paying Bills”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Sounds like all of that activity leads to a productive day, and a nice Easter plan for the days ahead! We are doing the eggs and everything on Saturday and having company over on Sunday... it should offer some insurance of a nice weekend overall, I hope. Enjoy the holiday!

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