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Easter/No Spend Week?

April 25th, 2011 at 08:59 am

We had a great and very busy Easter weekend! We seen lots of family and even had a Egg hunt through the woods at my grandmothers my dd loved it! She had so much fun and loved that she got to eat jelly beans for breakfast!

Today I am catching up on cleaning and 5+ load of laundry, I am trying to budget for next month to include a trip to a hotel, summer shopping and zoo with dd and planning for a full week off with no pay in August. I am hoping to do a full Monday-Friday no spend week, I filled up my car on saturday so I shouldn't need gas, I got enough groceries to hopefully get us through so hopefully I can make it! Save a bit of monry for the trip and then plan for a low spend weekend!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend!!

2 Responses to “Easter/No Spend Week?”

  1. rachel021406 Says:

    I need to have a no spend week too...but it didn't start out so well. I just need to keep myself busy I think. Glad you had a good Easter.

  2. Moneysavinmama Says:

    It's definitely going to be hard! I need to keep busy at home and plan my meals so I don't end up with nothing for supper. Good luck to you on your no spending!

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