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April 28th, 2011 at 05:42 am

I failed big time on my "no spend week" I made it till Tuesday and then I took the kids and mom out for lunch. Mind you it was 26$ for 5 of us to eat, it was really good, lots of food even had left overs BUT thats not the point of a no spend week is it. I did Good Monday and Yesterday two no spend days, tonight shouldn't be I'm planning on going to the gym tonight which is covered under my membership but its rainy and gross out so I may stay home and have a movie night with dd either way it should be no spend.

I wrote last week about being overwhelmed by the state of my apartment well since then I kind of jumped from room to room and really didn't get much done so yesterday I sat down and made up a big 3 page list of things I want to get done starting with dds room. I want to turn it into a space for just her, with some special toys if she wants time alone she can go and play and then that way she doesn't have to share all of her toys with the children I watch and I am proud to say I am pretty much done! I have a small table and chair I need to move outside when the rain stops and then I have 6 boxes of clothes to sell but I am done! Her room is so neat and tidy now, closet is so clean, even extra hangers in her closet! Next will be my bedroom with the main goal being to remove the playpens from the children I watch right now its a bit of a maze to get to my bed I packed up one to sent home today and the other one we will work at sleeping on couches this afternoon. So hopefully by tomorrow I will have 2 out of 3 gone!! I then want to make my room more relaxing, comfortable for me to get away in, my own space since the rest of my apartment is full of toys!

Tomorrow I will post my end of the month savings totals and its looking pretty good that I will make my 5000$ goal!! I am still wavering back and forth about what to do with my income tax, either bank it all or 500 towards a camera, 50 for a pinic table for outside, 100 towards getting my dog fixed, 50 towards shopping when me and dd take our over night trip next month, 200 towards my large ef and 176 towards my small ef. But then I feel like I should be putting at least half into savings, but I really have wanted a new nice camera for awhile. All the choices!

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