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Long Day

May 2nd, 2011 at 05:16 pm

Today was a very long day, DD woke up last night and ended up getting sick. She was sick on and off from about 12-3:30 so I didn't get much sleep to begin with and then had to wash just about every blanket in the house today and had to take the day off from the kids so I have to sit down and redo my budget since I'll be short money. She is feeling a bit better this evening I just hope it lasts and she doesn't get sick again!

We made a trip to the mall yesterday and got my mom a mothers day present and my friend a graduation present I also bought a few things for the dog and cat, new dora sandels for dd and cute picture frames for my bedroom! I'm hoping to keep this a no spend week from today till Thursday then payday is Friday so we will likely go for groceries Friday night!

I still haven't decided what to do with my income tax refund so right now its just sitting in my baby ef account. I should have all my weekend trip funded by next week! I am very excited I book the hotel room last week so its all set! Zoo, shopping, hotel, swimming cannot wait for a long weekend of fun/relaxing with dd and my friend!! 18 more day!!! Smile

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