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Random updates!

May 15th, 2011 at 05:39 am

Well my weekend has been pretty good, trying hard to not spend money I don't have to. If I can make it through today I will be good till the weekend and then we are off for the weekend, hoping for nice weather for the zoo Saturday. I am not tracking my spending anymore I'm finding it a pain to write it down right now once I get my apartment organized and I have a desk set up for all this stuff/business stuff it won't be as bad so for right now I am spending my category money in cash only and not spending more then what I had alotted that category its working good so far. I have been spending my weekend/eating out/misc money (which is $60 a week/weekend) on eating out, 23 on Friday and then another 20 last night but on the bright side its Sundaty and I still have about 30$ left in the category and I get another 60 next week and the week after. This is working way better to just take 60 a week whatever is left over will go into my misc savings which currently has 106 (206 as of next week) but will be spend this weekend on our mini trip.

Car update: I don't have to rush to find one! My parents went out yesterday and bought a second hand van so I can take my time looking this is such a relief!!

My income this month is a huge mess, with pretty near a full week of me being sick and then the children I watch being sick my pay at the first of the month and next week will be a little short. I'm hoping for a full week of all the kids to make up for all the missed days and then a VERY healthy June to get back ahead!

Income tax money, I still have no set plan for this but it is slowly getting spend on random things for the apartment/yard. Shelving for my dds room, living room and play room, getting a picnic table build, and will probably buy the kids a pool. I still didn't buy my new camera I think I will research a bit and buy a really nice one at some point. I also need to sit down and write out a new set of goals since I met my two bigger goals alreaady of 500/5000 and am still doing my ongoing goals of christmas etc.

Well if you made it through this all your a trooper thats a whole lot of random updates/thoughts! Hope your all having a great weekend Smile

1 Responses to “Random updates!”

  1. snafu Says:

    cash melts away if not tracked. you might find it helpful to use the *memo* function on your cell phone to brief note disbursements.

    As a money saver you know meals cost 2 times or even 3 times as much in a restaurant as home cooked. Even more worrisome are foods chock full of sodium, chemicals and preservatives commonly found in convenience foods since so many restaurants are thaw, fry/heat and serve.

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