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Nice weekend!

May 23rd, 2011 at 09:41 am

Well me and dd went away for the weekend and I am happy to say that I was under budget for the trip! I have 10$ left in my wallet and 70$ left in my misc trip account! We had a great time, seen baby bears and baby monkeys, cougars, lions, we went swimming, out to eat, did a TON of shopping! It was a great time I'm hoping to plan for another little two day trip in August!

I started to plan out my June budget and I am hoping to add an extra 100 to savings and 200 to my new car savings account. My budget will look like this if it goes as planned:

Bills: 351.91
Rent: 500
Weekend Money: 240 (works out to be 60 a weekend)
Clothes: 50
Out: 40
Sitter: 25
Groceries: 340
Car Maint: 50
Extra Savings: 200
Christmas: 75
Hair: 40
Misc Savings: 100
Gifts: 50
New car: 200
House items: 40

Any extra money I make that is not budgeted out will probably go 50/50 to savings/car, Now off to go and update my goals on the side bar!!

1 Responses to “Nice weekend!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    There is nothing better than coming back from a trip with the insurance of some money still in your pocket, nice going! Plus it sounds like you had a great time, so that is even better. Great job on keeping that budget in place, I hope it leads to success for you.

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