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January 2015 Budget

January 6th, 2015 at 07:06 am

Here is my budgeted amounts for January, I haven't been tracking expenses very well but starting next month every receipt will be saved and recorded.

Mortgage (332)
Montgage (332)
Lights (150)
Oil (250)
Car Ins (40)
Home Ins (85)
Life In (56)
Bank Fee (14)
RESP (50)
TFSA (50)
Cell/Int (175)
Netflix (8)
= (1542)

Groceries (500)
Rotary (32)
Gas (200)
Taxes (800)
LOC (500)
Gift Fund (125)
Car (75)
Misc (400)
= (2632)

Fix (1542)
+ Flex (2232)

Expected Income

My property tax is suppose to be going up the end of the month so my mortgage payments will have to be adjusted when that happens. (paid biweekly)

My income is not guaranteed, that is my projected it could end up be less or more I am self employed so it not set in stone.

With being self employed I pay into my taxes myself.

Any extra left over at the end of the month will be split between my line of credit and the goals I had listed in my previous post.

I am going to start to save all receipts but really work on tracking starting next month!

2 Responses to “January 2015 Budget”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I was going to suggest at least getting into the habit of saving receipts this month...but you thought of that yourself!!

  2. moneysavinmama Says:

    I'm terrible for shoving them in my wallet and then losing them! Its going to be hard to get use to.

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