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House Improvement Goals

April 24th, 2015 at 05:18 am

We have a rather larger list of things I'd like to complete in the next year.

1) Roof- decide on steel or shingles. Hopefully complete by mid summer.
2) Fix/Replace the picture window in the living. The middle pane has a large crack in it.
3) Replace door and frame in the living room.
4) Add screen doors to all outside doors.
5) Extend the deck by 10 feet wide.
6) Move the building to the front of the drive way and play set to the current building space.
7) Fence in the main yard.
8) Put a half door in at the top of the basement stairs.
9) Graval the second drive way.
10) Build a fire pit.
11) Remove old fencing between side and main yard.
12) Remove old window in the basement and replace with a larger escape window.
13) Replace all jack posts with new ones in the basement.
14) Replace basement stairs.
15) Replace walls in basement.
16) Finish half the basement into a rec room.
17) Paint the kitchen and living room.

This is this list so far. Still working on prices and goal dates to have everything done.

1 Responses to “House Improvement Goals”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Wow. Good luck with all of that, I'm sure if you get it done your place will look amazing!

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